Handgun and Pepper Spray

A 31-year-old man is dead after he was pepper sprayed by a police officer. Travis Nevelle Page, an African American man of North Carolina, was being held by police in handcuffs following a pepper spray incident, when he became unresponsive. State investigators are currently looking into what happened and four police officers have been placed on administrative leave.

After becoming unresponsive, Winston-Salem Police say that Page was transported to the hospital but doctors were unable to save him. He passed away at the medical facility.

Deceased Man Allegedly Resisted Arrest

The pepper spray incident involved four police officers who responded to reports of gunshots. There, they located Page and tried to arrested him.

However, officers say that Page resisted arrest and a struggle ensued. The police statement says that this is when one officer sprayed the man with pepper spray in order to get him under control. Officers further allege that they found a handgun on his body.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is looking into the matter. According to the department, all of the officers involved were white and have been employed by the Winston-Salem police force for between one and 22 years.

Are Police Officers Using Too Much Force?

With all the killings of African Americans by white police officers in the last several years, the nation has spiraled into a serious debate about the use of force by officers, sparking lots of protests.

Individuals harmed by police officers, and family members of those who are killed, may have strong claims for restitution under the law. If it can be proved that the police officer used excessive force and it led to injury or death, courts will generally side in favor of the plaintiffs in these cases.