Just like any other country, Canada is home to some rather strange pieces of legislation. Check them out and see if they get a rise out of you!

No Snake-Wearing Allowed

In Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canadians have created a special law that bans you from wearing snakes in public. The statute also prevents you from wearing your lizard in full view. Rest assured, however, that you will have the ability to transport your reptilian friends around town if you use a case, cage or another kind of carrying device that confines the animal.

Wooden Ladders Must Remain Paint-Free

We're not sure why, but in the entire province of Alberta, it is forbidden to paint wooden ladders. We have to wonder if it's because a painted ladder would be more slippery than an unpainted one. For whatever reason, you better not bring your rainbow ladder out in public or you could get in trouble with the law.

Rats Are NOT "Pet" Material

Most people are afraid of rats, but a small portion of the population finds them cute, likes to cuddle with them, names them, and loves them. Unfortunately, these rat lovers are unwelcome in Alberta where it is illegal to "purchase, keep or sell live rats unless the person holds a permit issued under subsection.”

Dirty Mouths Unwelcome in Toronto's Public Parks

According to the law, Toronto's public parks shall remain free of swear words. The law specifically states that no one is allowed to use profane language in a park. We have to admit that this law makes sense considering that there are usually a lot of children and families in parks, but what if you stub your toe on the park bench? You have to make sure nothing untoward exits your pie hole or you will soon be answering to the police.

Pay Your Hotel Bill or Lose Your Horse!

In the province of Ontario, you could lose your horse if you try to skip out on a hotel bill -- that is, if you arrived on a horse. Apparently, hotels have the right to confiscate your horse if you cannot pay for services rendered. This seems fair enough, but perhaps the law should be updated to include cars and bicycles to more accurately reflect today's modern society. How about it, Ontario?

If you know of any strange or interesting laws from Canada, or anywhere else, please post them in your comments below!