A U.S. Secret Service officer has been charged with trying to sext a teenage girl. According to a federal grand jury, the 37-year-old man sent nude pictures of himself to a police officer, who was posing undercover as a 14-year-old girl.

Lee Robert Moore was working as a Secret Service officer at the White House when he was arrested in early November. He has been held in custody since his arrest. In his formal indictment on Wednesday, the Secret Service officer was formally charged with attempting to send obscene pictures to a minor.

Police Say He Communicated with 30-Plus Teenagers Online

Court allegations indicate that Moore communicated with the undercover officer for two months, and even sent sexual messages while on duty at the White House. Prosecutors allege that Moore knowingly communicated with at least 30 teenage girls from his home and from the White House.

Not the Only Scandal to Hit the Secret Service Recently

The White House has experienced some major security breaches this year, causing many to question the quality of the president's security detail. For example, last March, President Barack Obama expressed his disappointment over one security lapse relating to a suspicious package that was tossed into the street near the White House. There was also speculation that the Secret Service officers involved in that incident were drunk driving at the time.

Accused Officer May Want to Seek Plea Deal

In the case of Lee Robert Moore, the officer will be given the opportunity to defend himself in court against the sexting charges. However, if news reports are correct, the prosecution has sufficient evidence to convict the man. As such, he may want to try and reach a plea deal with the prosecution in exchange for a reduction in punishment.