10th DUI Conviction

Police in Wicomico County, Maryland, arrested and accused a man of drunk driving twice on the same day. The 20-year-old Berlin, Maryland, man was first arrested last Friday at approximately 2 p.m. According to a Sheriff's Deputy, the man crashed his vehicle into a flower box before they arrested him.

Drug Recognition Expert Confirmed He Was Intoxicated

The arresting deputy suspected that the man had been driving while intoxicated by a controlled substance that prevented him from safely driving. After being arrested, officers requested a blood test, but the man refused. A Drug Recognition Expert later examined the man and confirmed that he was intoxicated. He was subsequently charged with multiple violations and released to someone who picked him up as a passenger in his or her car.

Shortly thereafter, at approximately 5:30 p.m., the man was picked up a second time. Police officers claim he was driving again. They pulled him over and allegedly found that he was still intoxicated.

Now He Is Facing Multiple Charges

The young man is now facing two counts of DWI by drugs could not drive safely, two counts of DWI by a controlled and dangerous substance and driving a motor vehicle within 12 hours after arrested for driving impaired. Following the second DUI arrest, the man's bond was set to $10,000 and he was sentenced to be held at the Wicomico County Detention Center.

This man will now be given the opportunity to defend himself against the double-DUI charges. Since he could face very serious punishments if convicted of two DUIs in a row, and since the judge in his case may not be so lenient, the accused man will want to take his criminal proceedings seriously and proceed with his defense carefully. Fortunately, unless and only if he is convicted beyond a reasonable doubt of the crimes, he will be seen as innocent by the court.