Five people suffered injury during a fire at a landmark Chicago building on Saturday. The Chicago Fire Department reported that flames were shooting out of windows on the John Hancock Center's 50th floor.

The fire started in the middle of the afternoon on the east side of the building. First, a bedroom caught on fire and it spread to other areas, and gutted part of the building. Quick-thinking firefighters arrived at the scene shortly after it began and extinguished the blaze before too much damage was done to the 100-story skyscraper.

Fire Officials Do Not Suspect Foul Play

Fire investigators believe that the fire was unintentional, and they do not suspect foul play. They have isolated its source to one apartment, but they are still trying to determine the cause.

Multiple ambulances arrived to transport the injured to the hospital. Fortunately, no one suffered fatal injuries but five people were injured by smoke inhalation. As of last reports, all of the injured were reported to be in stable or good condition.

The fire department shared pictures of the blaze on the Internet. The photos show fire coming out of the windows, and the upper half of the building is obscured by smoke.

A Fixture of the Downtown Chicago Skyline

The Hancock building is a fixture of the downtown Chicago skyline. Most of its upper floors consist of residential condos. It also has an observatory that is a popular sightseeing destination, where tourists can take in breathtaking views of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan.

When people are hurt in a building fire, investigators will try to determine how the fire happened and what party may be at fault for the fire. The injured can use evidence from these investigations to pursue personal injury claims and property damage claims against the responsible parties.