Driving Drunk Kills

A Colorado woman has been accused of killing 38 sheep after crashing into a flock of the animals in the southwestern part of the states. According to police, they arrested the woman on suspected drunk driving charges after she hit the sheep with her car on Tuesday evening.

Forty-seven-year-old Lynn Ann Michel was driving an Isuzu SUV just outside of Monte Vista, Colorado, when the collision occurred. Monte Vista is located approximately 115 miles away from Colorado Springs. She collided with the animals while driving down a rural road. In addition to the 38 dead sheep, another 12 suffered injuries in the collision.

Driver Initially Fled the Crash Site

After the crash, police say that the woman fled the accident scene. However, they were later able to locate her based on her front license plate, which had fallen off her vehicle during the collision. Accident investigators located the plate at the crash scene. Then, they located and arrested the woman to which it belonged.

The woman has since received multiple citations for: DUI, leaving an accident scene that involved property damage, and failure to show proof of motor vehicle insurance. Later, the woman secured her release from custody. She has since been given a summons to show up in court over the charges.

Sheep Owner May Be Able to Seek Property Damages

Fortunately, it does not appear that any human beings suffered injury in this tragic accident. However, the loss of 38 sheep and the injury of 12 more represents a significant amount of property damages for the owner of the flock. Considering that the diver was likely drunk at the time of the collision, the owner of the sheep may wish to seek property damages against the lady who hit and killed his animals.