Cruise Ship

A 24-year-old woman fell overboard from a Norwegian Pearl cruise ship last Thursday, approximately 22 nautical miles off the coast of Cuba. The U.S. Coast Guard immediately began to search for the woman, but they have since called their search to a halt. The woman has been identified as Kaylyn Rose Sommer of Charleston, South Carolina.

According to an official announcement from the Coast Guard's Seventh District, which is based out of Miami, "It is believed the woman went overboard from a height of more than 80 feet (24 meters) above the water, while the cruise ship was under way."

Cuban Border Officials Helped in the Search Efforts

Cuban Border Guards worked in conjunction with Coast Guard crews to carry out the search for the woman. An area of 1,378 nautical miles was covered in the search, which did not prove fruitful.

According to a report by the Norwegian Cruise Line, the woman leaped overboard on purpose. However, a spokesperson for the company has not been available for comment.

Second Passenger Overboard Case in the Same Week

This tragic case comes less than one week following another case of a man falling off a Royal Caribbean Cruises ship in the vicinity of the Bahamas. In that case, the company also reported that the man jumped off the ship intentionally. The Coast Guard has ended its search in that case as well.

Instances of people falling off cruise boats and other cruise boat accidents must be investigated carefully to rule out the possibility of foul play and/or liability on the part of the cruise ship company. Even though a cruise is meant to be a fun and relaxing experience, if the cruise boat company does not maintain the safety of its boat, many kinds of accidents can and will happen. If it is deemed that the cruise company's negligence was to blame for a particular accident, then it may be liable for financial damages stemming from the incident.