Seattle's Great Wheel was hit by a drone on Wednesday afternoon at approximately 4:45 p.m. The giant Ferris wheel attraction, which is located at the city's Pacific Northwest waterfront, is a popular location for tourists and city residents to visit. The large Ferris wheel stands 175 feet (or approximately 53 meters) in height.

Fortunately, no damages or injuries were reported in relation to the incident. As of last reports, Seattle police officers were investigating why the drone strike may have occurred.

Drone Crashed into a Table

Police are still unsure who may have been operating the craft, which has since been confiscated. After hitting the Ferris wheel, the drone fell out of the air and crashed into a table and tumbled on the ground. On Thursday, police did not respond to calls from reporters for comment on the incident.

Normally, drone strikes are rare in Seattle, but this is the second such incident in recent months. During last summer's Pride Parade, a drone hit a downtown building, fell out of the sky and hit a woman in the head. Police charged the drone operator with reckless endangerment in that instance.

If Operator Is Located, He or She Could Be Charged

There is no indication that foul play, like intended sabotage or terrorist activity, was associated with this recent drone collision. However, if police are able to locate the operator of the drone, he or she will likely be charged with the crime of reckless endangerment like the man in the previous case.

The question of operator responsibility in drone accidents is an important one. In the future, as drones become more prevalent, these types of legal issues will need to be addressed by the courts more frequently. For example, companies like Amazon and Domino's Pizza are planning to use drones to deliver their products to customers remotely through the air. If someone is hurt by one of these aircrafts, what would the drone owners' responsibilities be in a personal injury lawsuit stemming from the incident?