Six people died from injuries suffered in an early Friday morning charter bus crash. According to authorities, the driver veered off Interstate 40 and collided with an overpass abutment at approximately 1 a.m. in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

In addition to the six fatalities, there were a lot more injuries among the people on the bus. The injured were rushed to local hospitals by ambulance. The exact number of injured persons is unknown at this time.

No Other Vehicles Involved in the Crash

According to police, no other vehicles were involved in the collision. They suspect that foggy weather conditions likely caused the unfortunate accident.

According to sources, among the victims, three were transported to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences hospital where they received treatment. A spokesperson for the medical center said that two of them have since been discharged and the remaining person's condition is fair.

Some of the bus accident survivors are currently being sheltered by the American Red Cross. A representative of the American Red Cross told reporters, "Obviously it's been a traumatic morning for them."

Bus Was Completely Mangled in the Accident

The bus involved in the crash had the word "Continental" written on the side of it. Pictures of the bus showed that it had a mangled and crumpled roof. By the look of the pictures, it is a miracle that more casualties have not been reported.

According to the owner of "Continental Charters," Jeff Lawson, his company sold the bus last Saturday to another company, Vazquez Citrus & Hauling, for a sum of $8,000. Lawson said that the buyer agreed to take off the Continental signage prior to using the vehicle but the buyer apparently failed to do so. Reporters have not been able to reach Vazquez Citrus & Hauling for comment.

This tragic bus crash will likely result in multiple personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits against the company that owned the charter bus. The bus driver -- if he or she survived -- could also be a liable party in the accident, depending on the facts surrounding the crash.