male and female tiger in a romantic pose , in their natural habitat

A woman suffered a tiger bite after breaking into a Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, early Sunday morning. According to authorities, she was intoxicated when she broke into the zoo. Jacqueline Eide was bitten when she put her hand into a cage to pet a tiger.

Injuries Were Limited to Her Hand

Police say that the 33-year-old woman illegally entered Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo in the early morning hours following Halloween night. After putting her left hand in the tiger's cage, the animal bit her, causing severe trauma to the hand. Fortunately, the woman's injuries were limited to her hand.

A friend rushed her to the hospital after the event. There, the woman exhibited signs of being intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, and she was aggressive. Police said in a statement that the woman "was aggressive toward staff and showed signs of intoxication of alcohol and/or drugs."

Police Cited Injured Woman with Criminal Trespassing

Police cited her with criminal trespass. As of Sunday, she was still at the hospital receiving treatment.

The Zoo said that the tiger that bit the girl was a Malayan tiger. It is 18 years old and goes by the name of Mai.

The Omaha Police Department posted the following on its Facebook page, "Just in case you had any doubt ... If you pet a tiger you will most likely get bitten."

On Sunday, police were still investigating the incident.

Can She Be Helped with a Criminal Defense?

If the woman is convicted of criminal trespassing in this case, she will likely face a fine, could spend time in jail, or need to complete community service. However, she may be able to lessen the charges by employing various criminal defenses with the assistance of an attorney.