The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a fire that broke out on a plane in Florida. The incident happened while the Boeing 767 was still on the runway before taking off for Venezuela from the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Boeing aircraft involved in the incident is owned by Dynamic International Airways. Flight crew and passengers were able to evacuate the aircraft by deploying the plane's emergency slides. One hundred one passengers were on board the plane.

Most of the Injuries Were Only Bumps and Bruises

Nineteen of the injured were quickly released from the hospital after receiving treatment, and as of Friday, the two who remained said that they were in stable condition. The Broward County Sheriff's Office said that the majority of injuries were nothing more than bumps and bruises.

Airport officials said that it only took four minutes to extinguish the fire, which never reached the cabin. "Operations-wise and safety-wise, it couldn't have worked any better," Airport Director Kent George said.

As much as 50 gallons of jet fuel spilled onto the taxiway, causing damage to the tarmac, but the airports' runways remained undamaged.

After the plane caught fire, airport firefighters moved swiftly into action and engulfed the aircraft in white fire retardant foam. The engine on the left wing was engulfed in black smoke.

Already Leaking Jet Fuel Before Departure

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the aircraft was already leaking jet fuel prior to departure. Another pilot taxying in a jet behind the Dynamic International Plane notified the plane's crew that they were leaking fuel.

The aviation fire caused the airport to temporarily shut down for about three hours until the situation could be resolved and normal flight activity resumed.

The 29-year-old 767-200ER passenger jet was constructed in 1986. Of the 65 aircraft in this class that Boeing built, only seven remain in service.

The two people who remain and the other individuals hurt by this fire may have viable claims to recoup the cost of medical care they incurred as a result of their injuries.