Bus Driver DUI

A bus carrying members of rowing teams from Lehigh University was involved in a fatal car accident on Tuesday in Pennsylvania. One individual, who was riding in a car that collided with the bus, was killed as a result of the accident. Several students required hospital treatment for minor injuries.

According to a spokesperson from the Pennsylvania State Police, after colliding with the bus on U.S. Route 22, just outside Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the car burst into flames. Police were unable to provide any further information regarding the accident.

20 Rowing Team Members Were on the Bus

A spokesperson from Lehigh University told reporters that the bus was traveling with 20 rowing team members on board. The passengers included some of the university's men's and women's rowing teams. The university spokesperson confirmed that the students did not suffer serious injuries as a result of the crash.

University spokeswoman Lori Friedman offered the university's condolences to the individuals, students and families affected by the tragic crash, and said that the university's thoughts are with them.

Lehigh University has its campus in Bethlehem, approximately one hour north of Philadelphia. Over 6,900 students attend the university.

Accident Could Result in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Lehigh University, the transportation company operating the bus involved in the crash, and/or the driver of the bus, could become defendants in a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from this accident, should the deceased victim's family members choose to pursue such a case. Still, more information will need to be revealed before it can be determined who is at fault for the collision.

Generally, negligent parties who cause the death of another person in a crash will be liable for damages relating to the death. Recoverable damages may include money to pay for lost income after the death of a major contributor to family income, the costs associated with end of life expenses, lost future inheritance, compensation for loss of family relationships and other categories of restitution.