Heart Surgeon Death

A man threatened a pastor in Detroit, Michigan, with a brick last Sunday afternoon. In response, the pastor shot and killed him with his handgun. The 25-year-old attacker threatened the pastor just after church services at approximately 1:45 p.m.

Pastor Filed Multiple Harassment Complaints Against Attacker

According to the Detroit Police, the 37-year-old pastor had filed multiple harassment reports against the man before the incident took place. Allegedly, the man walked up to the pastor while holding a brick and began making threatening motions at the pastor. The pastor unholstered his handgun and fatally shot the brick-wielding man multiple times.

The attacker was rushed to the hospital but there was nothing that doctors could do to save him. Authorities questioned the pastor and later released him. Prosecutors are currently reviewing the facts of the case to try and determine whether it was legally justified for the pastor to shoot the man, or if the pastor will face charges.

Police Suspect That a Love Triangle Existed

According to police, there is the possibility that a love triangle existed between the pastor, the man who was shot and the wife of the man shot by the pastor.

It is unlikely that the pastor wanted to kill another person in order to defend himself, but this case certainly begs the question of whether such a violent reaction from the pastor was necessary. If your life is being threatened, the law will allow you to use deadly force. However, if the brick-wielder's wife, the pastor and the man threatening the pastor with a brick were indeed in a love triangle, these facts complicate the matter and prosecutors may wish to bring the issue before the court to decide. If the pastor is charged with murder, witness testimony will play an important role in determining what happened during the violent interaction, and what series of events transpired leading up to it.