Nearly 40 years ago, a gang of masked men robbed a Lufthansa Airlines cargo building and stole $6 million worth of jewelry and cash. The heist took place on Dec. 11, 1978, at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport. Ever since the date of the robbery, it has remained one of the most notorious unsolved crimes in history. In fact, the heist even inspired the movie, "Goodfellas."

Recently, federal prosecutors charged Vincent Asaro with participating in the robbery. Asaro, who is reputedly part of the Bonanno mafia family, will appear in court on Monday to face criminal charges relating to the incident. For their safety, the jurors who will decide the case shall remain anonymous.

Most of the Robbery Suspects Are Dead

Nearly all the suspects in the case have either died, been killed or have disappeared, and this has made it difficult for police to figure out what happened in the case. According to an expert on organized crime, who works as a professor at St. John's University, if you kill one person connected to a crime, everyone else needs to be killed as well because the others will be scared. Allegedly, Vincent Asaro is one of the few robbery participants who is still alive in this case.

Accused of a String of Mafia-Related Crimes

Asaro is currently 80 years of age. In addition to the Lufthansa heist, he has been accused of a large number of crimes that happened between the years of 1968 and 2013. Among the crimes are racketeering, murder, arson and robbery. Four other suspects who are accused of being a part of the Bonanno family, including Asaro's son, were arrested at the same time as Asaro. They were accused of other crimes, separate from the Lufthansa incident and all of them have since pleaded guilty.

According to Asaro's defense attorney, his client is denying all of the allegations. Whether he will succeed in his criminal defense, however, will remain to be seen. If he is convicted of the charges, he will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars.