Pile of money

FBI agents have found approximately $600,000 cash, which was buried in the backyard of a Los Angeles-area home. The home was once owned by convicted bank robber, Cesar Yanez, who is currently serving a five-year prison sentence. The batches of $20 and $100 bills were buried under a patch of trees in plastic containers.

Driver Pleaded Guilty to the Crime

In June 2014, Cesar Yanez and co-conspirator Aldo Esquivel Vega were driving a massive load of cash on behalf of Bank of America. Later, they pulled into a parking lot, opened the doors of the armored truck and removed the cash. The men stole over $1 million by putting it in a trash can. Authorities were only able to recover approximately $85,000 of the stolen cash, which they found in Yanez' home following his arrest. The rest of the money went missing.

In 2014, Yanez pleaded guilty to charges of bank robbery and conspiracy relating to the non-violent armored car heist. He was sentenced to prison as a result. The other driver, Vega, was also convicted for the robbery.

Authorities Received a Tip from a Source

Authorities decided to search Yanez' backyard after receiving a tip from an undisclosed source. Police are still trying to determine if an additional $400,000 that is missing has been spent or if it is also hidden somewhere.

The other driver, Vega, is still waiting to be sentenced for participating in the robbery. Meanwhile, two more people have criminal trials pending for their participation in the heist.

In the pending criminal trials, the accused individuals may be able to reach a plea bargain with the prosecution in order to receive reduced sentences if they are willing to plead guilty to certain charges. They may also be able to get reduced sentences if they provide information that helps to locate the the money that is still missing. Alternatively, they may choose to plead not guilty and defend themselves against the charges.