Four students were arrested in California on suspicion of plotting a shooting rampage at their high school. According to police, the conspirators had plans to kill both students and faculty members at Summerville High School in Tuolumne.

According to a Facebook post from the local Sheriff's Office on Saturday, the students had created detailed plans that included the names of people they planned to kill, where the plans would be carried out and the way the victims would be killed.

Summerville High School staff notified authorities of the plot last Wednesday. They told authorities that three high school students were planning the attack. As police investigated further, they found that another student was also involved, bringing the total to four.

Arrest of Students Follows Recent Mass Shooting in Oregon

The arrest announcement came just a couple days following a mass shooting in Oregon, where an armed man shot and killed nine individuals at a community college in the state. The mass shooting in Oregon was one of the worst mass shootings out of dozens that have happened in the last two years in the United States.

Hopefully, the efforts of school officials and law enforcement officers in Tuolumne, California, have helped to avert yet another disaster in this case. Still, the students who were arrested will have the ability to defend themselves against any criminal charges that come out of the arrests.

Mass Shooting Tragedies Have Sparked a National Debate

As communities and politicians from local, state and federal governments try to grapple with the reality of the numerous mass shooting tragedies in recent years, many are saying that stricter gun control laws would help curb such instances. In fact, four days ago, President Barack Obama made a speech about the tragedy that occurred in Oregon. In the speech, he said that these instances should inspire us to enact more stringent controls on guns in our country.

What do you think? Will stricter gun laws help prevent mass shootings from happening in our country, or is there a deeper, more psychological issue that needs to be addressed?