Train Crash - Railroad Accidents

Another Amtrak passenger train crash happened in Vermont on Monday. The train derailed, causing at least seven people to require hospital care. At this time, we do not know if any of the injuries were life-threatening.

The train was on its way to Washington from St. Albans, Vermont. It derailed not far from Roxbury, approximately 20 miles away from Montpelier. According to Amtrak, the train derailed when it struck debris caused by a rock slide.

The derailment was first reported to local police on Monday morning at 10:30 a.m. EDT. Emergency crews and law enforcement officers immediately reported to the scene.

Twitter Users Posted Pictures of the Tragedy

An image of the disaster was posted to Twitter by an individual named Brian Bell. The photo showed the derailed train amidst a pile of rocks. The caption said, "Hit a rock slide." Others posted images to Twitter that showed various derailed train cars down an embankment.

A spokesperson for the Montpelier Fire Department told reporters that two of the train's five cars had gone down the embankment. Miraculously, only seven passengers required hospital care, although the fire department spokesperson said that a lot of passengers were badly shaken up.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has begun an official investigation into the accident.

Not the Only Amtrak Accident to Happen This Year

This train accident is not the only Amtrak accident to happen this year. On May 12, a horrific Amtrak derailment killed eight and injured over 200 just outside of Philadelphia. That accident inspired lawmakers to require the implementation of new technology that may prevent such crashes from occurring in the future. However, the rail industry still has another three years before it will be required to implement the technology.

Another train accident happened in February, which killed six people when a train collided with an SUV in a suburb of New York City.

What Damages Are Pursuable After a Train Accident?

Passengers injured in an Amtrak train crash may have viable personal injury claims to seek damages in court for their injuries. Compensable damages in such cases may include the cost of medical care, the cost of medical rehabilitation treatments, lost wages due to time spent unable to work, compensation for permanent or temporary disabilities and other types of damages. In addition, injured parties may be able to seek compensation to pay for attorneys' fees and the cost of pursuing their legal claims.