Recall Alert

A simple but extremely dangerous manufacturing error has triggered the recall of 1.3 million bicycles by some of the biggest bike manufacturers in the business. A total of 13 bicycle makers have joined the recall to fix over a million bicycles that are equipped with defective quick-release levers that affect the disk braking systems.

The bicycle manufactures that have joined the recall include: Felt, Ridley, Novara, Fuji, Diamondback, Cannondale, Specialized and Giant. Bicycles affected by the recall were sold this year and as far back as 1998. Fortunately, though, it will be easy for bike owners to fix their disc brakes problems. All they need to do is go to a local bike shop and have a new quick release lever installed.

Quick-Release Lever Can Get Caught in the Brake Disc

The problem relates to the front wheel quick-release lever on bicycles equipped with disc brakes. If the lever releases it will open far enough to get caught in the disc brake's holes, and this can cause the wheel to instantly jam and stop turning. Of course, if the bike is in motion, the rider could be sent flying over the handlebars in a horrible accident.

This kind of accident would only happen if the lever is not properly tightened. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, only one bicycle accident injury had been reported that relates to the defect so far. In that case, a bicycle rider broke his or her finger after the lever opened.

Not the First Disc Brake-Related Recall in 2015

This is not the first disc brake-related bike recall this year. Earlier in 2015, Trek initiated a recall of almost 1 million bicycles related to a similar quick release lever problem with its proprietary disc braking systems.

All bicyclists are encouraged to take advantage of the free recall repair in order to stay safe while using their bikes. Contact your local bike shop that retails your brand of bicycle to find out if your bike is included in the recall. Meanwhile, any bicyclists who believe they have suffered a serious injury due to this problem may want to discuss the matter with a products liability attorney.