Weird Laws

China is very far away from the United States both physically and culturally. Western visitors to China will no doubt find many interesting things to marvel at, and to wonder about. The laws of China are certainly an important point of curiosity. If you ever decide to move there, you might want to study up on the following weird pieces of legislation, which may apply to you, depending where you are living in the country.

On Keeping Explosives in Your Basement

First, if you're going to immigrate to China and buy a home with a basement you need to realize that there are certain limitations that apply to storing explosives down there. It's not that keeping explosives in your basement is a problem, it's just that you can't have more than one ton of explosives. Perhaps the scariest part about this law is not what it limits people from doing, but the fact that it exists at all. Was this a widespread problem in China at one time?

Keeping tons of explosives in your basement definitely sounds like a recipe for disaster, so we have to give this law a very big thumbs up. Good idea China!

On Eating Another Man's Wife

Second, there is a law in China that says you cannot intentionally eat another man's wife. Sure, if it happens accidentally, it's understandable. But if you intentionally include another man's wife as a part of your meal and eat her, this is a violation of the law.

We have to agree with this law, too. It's never a good idea to eat another man's wife. It just makes sense to us.

On Dating Your Colleague

Third, if you work at a certain Internet firm in Gaungzhau Province, you will have some very strange restrictions on your dating life. If you're a man, you can't date anyone at the company during your first year of employment. If you're a woman, you need to wait at least three months. Also, if you're a woman, if you find a boyfriend outside the company, you need to have him vetted by your boss to be sure he's a suitable candidate.

It gets even worse if you're a man under the age of 25 because you simply are not allowed to date any colleagues no matter how long you've been working at the company. Not to worry, though. If you are pulling a good salary of at least 15,000 RMB a month at the firm, then it's a free-for-all dating frenzy for you. No rules apply!

We definitely think these dating laws are weird, but we have to admit that we don't mind them so much as long we're making over 15,000 RMB a month.