Recall Alert

The California dairy company, Karoun Dairies, recalled over a dozen of its soft cheese products last Wednesday. The products were recalled due to the threat of Listeria contamination. Cheeses made by Karoun Dairies have been linked to five different Listeria cases during the last five years. The cases occurred in nine different states. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the recall last Friday.

According to the CDC, it is currently investigating 24 cases where individuals were infected with Listeria strains closely related to those found in the Karoun Dairies cheeses. The 24 cases happened in Colorado, California, Massachusetts, Illinois, New York, Michigan, Tennessee, Ohio and Washington, and they date from August 2010 to August 2013.

1 Person Died from Eating Contaminated Cheese

At least one Listeria-related death happened in Ohio, but the CDC has not indicated the date of the death.

The CDC said in its statement, "The investigation has not conclusively identified the source of this outbreak, but most ill people interviewed reported eating soft cheese before becoming ill. The investigation is ongoing."

In Karoun Dairies voluntary nationwide recall announcement, it referenced 15 types of cheeses to be included in the recall. Among them were Goat Milk Feta, Nabulsi, Queso Blanco, and more. The dairy company said that it has not found any Listeria contamination in its products, but because some of its products were associated with past Listeria outbreaks, it was issuing the recall and stopping production of the affected cheeses immediately.

Sick Individuals Confirmed They Ate Cheese from Karoun Dairies

Out of the 22 infected persons who could provide the CDC with information, 18 said that they had eaten soft cheese within a month of getting sick. Only seven individuals were able to specify which brands of soft cheeses they ate. Four of them indicated that they had eaten cheeses made by Karoun Dairies. Karoun was the only brand of cheese reported multiple times in the study, the CDC said.

Considering the deaths and serious illnesses that have potentially happened as a result of contaminated cheese produced by this company, Karoun Dairies could find itself at the center of multiple products liability lawsuits.