Indiana wineries have something to celebrate: a new law that lets them ship their wines all over the country. For example, there are approximately 10 wineries operating in the Bristow, Indiana, area, including one called Winzerwald. These and other wineries will benefit from the new law.

In the past, if out-of-state wine lovers wanted to mail order the wines made by these vineyards, they had to have visited the wineries and filled out a special direct shipping form. With the new law, the form is no longer necessary. Nor do people have to visit the wineries first before ordering their products.

Expecting a 25 Percent Boost in Sales

According to the owner of Winzerwald, Dan Adams, his winery should be getting about a 25 percent rise in wine orders from out-of-town customers as a result of the new legislation. Adams sends out approximately 450 wine bottles every year, a lot of which go out through his 'Wein Club.' Most of Winzerwald's customers learn about the wine during special wine festivals. Winzerwald visits about 45 festivals every year.

"The more Indiana wineries there are, the more opportunities for people to experience wine and I think the more familiar they get, the more they enjoy it," said Adams.

Winzerwald makes approximately 10,000 gallons of wine every year, which amounts to about 50,000 bottles. Since about three years ago Adams sales have boosted 52 percent and he is confident about expanding.

Area Is Conducive to Grape Growing

According to Adams, the Bristow area has hills that lend themselves to growing grapes because they always receive enough airflow, even on a calm day. This helps to keep the grape vines dry and avoid fungal diseases. Adams says that the climate and soil around Bristow are also conducive to grape growing. The Ohio River Valley has been labeled an "American Viticultural Area," a moniker that Napa Valley also shares.