School Bus Accident

At least two fatalities and several injuries resulted from a school bus crash in Houston on Tuesday morning. Local media reports that a school bus struck another car during rush hour traffic.

According to the Houston Fire Department, one fatality was a female student from Furr High School, aged 17. The other student who died was a 14-year-old female who attended a charter school, located on the Furr campus, for dropout recovery. The fire department confirmed that multiple injuries resulted from the collision, which happened in Houston's southeast area. According to school officials, the school bus driver and students on the bus needed to be taken to the hospital.

Bus May Have Fallen From an Overpass

Pictures taken at the accident scene were published on the Internet, showing a school bus tipped over on its side on Telephone Road, just below an overpass. It has also been reported that heavy damage can be seen on the guardrail of the freeway that passes over Telephone Road. It could be that the bus actually fell from the overpass.

At 8:30 a.m., westbound lanes of traffic were shut down at the accident scene so police could perform a detailed investigation into what may have occurred. As of last reports, police were not certain when the freeway would reopen.

Accident May Result in Lawsuits

This tragic school bus crash could result in lawsuits. The people injured in the crash may have valid claims for personal injury damages against the school district and/or whatever parties are deemed responsible and liable for the crash. Furthermore, family members of the high school students who died may also have valid claims for wrongful death-related damages stemming from this unfortunate car accident.