Weird Laws

In this week's weird law Friday post, we're going to focus on Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Just like any other state, these states have their share of weird laws. Check them out and see if they give you a chuckle, and whether you may have broken one of them before.

Respect Your Neighbor's Beer Cask in Washington

In Washington state, they want you to respect your neighbor's beer cask. If you destroy another person's beer barrel, cask, bottle or keg, you can get in serious trouble with the law. The act of destroying any of these items belonging to another person -- or even filling them up without securing the owner's permission in writing -- is prohibited.

In West Virginia You Can't Engage in a Duel While Holding Office

Those who are holding an official political office in West Virginia are prohibited from challenging someone to a duel, or accepting a challenge from someone to duel. Perhaps Alexander Hamilton would have lived a little longer if that law existed when he lost his life in a duel.

In the Cheese State, Butter Substitutes Are a No-No

In the state of Wisconsin, prisoners get to have real butter with their meals. It is illegal to serve butter substitutes like margarine to patients in hospitals, students in schools and inmates in state prisons. The only exception is if a doctor prescribes it to the individual for their health.

Leave Your Handguns at Home When You Go Fishing in Wyoming

In Wyoming it is illegal to harm a fish with your gun. Fishermen in the state are therefore limited to using nets, fishing poles and other items they can think of. If you get caught with a fish full of bullet holes in the state, you'll be in big trouble!

There you have it. A few of the stranger laws from Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. What kind of weird laws do you know about in your state? Please post your comments below!