Weird Laws

Our great nation has a lot to be proud of. We also have a few things that could make someone visiting the United States laugh, like the following strange laws from South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas. While these pieces of legislation might not make you laugh out loud, they are curiosities nevertheless.

Farmers and Fireworks in South Dakota

Sometimes, a weird piece of law is not strange because of what you aren't allowed to do, it's strange because of what you ARE allowed to do. In South Dakota, they have some very liberal pieces of legislation when it comes to fireworks. In many states, fireworks -- aside from their mildest incarnations -- are completely illegal. However, in South Dakota, you can use fireworks as much as you want, but only if you're protecting your sunflowers. Sunflower farmers can smile proudly as they blow up tiny bombs in their flower fields to banish pesky crop-destroying birds, but if you're growing corn or blueberries, or any other kind of crop, you're out of luck. No fireworks for you.

Don't Play Games in Tennessee's Cemeteries

If you go to visit your deceased football coach at a Tennessee cemetery, leave the footballs at home. If police suspect that you and your group are engaged in a game, or any kind of amusement, on the cemetery's grounds, you could get in trouble with the law because any "amusement or game" has been deemed illegal in Tennessee cemeteries. That includes Scrabble, chess and checkers, by the way. Cemeteries aren't places to have a fun time, and in Tennessee, this is the law.

If You're Doing the "Chug-a-Lug" in Texas, You Need to Sit Down

Bar patrons in Texas can drink to their hearts' content, but they better do it while in a seated position. Anyone who takes over three sips of an alcoholic beverage in Texas has to do so while sitting down. Frat guys who want to do the beer funnel routine on your heads: This means you!