A Texas mother of four, whom police incorrectly arrested for DUI, was diagnosed with a brain tumor several days after the ordeal. On July 31, Julie Cunningham had just dropped her kids off at daycare when her vehicle struck a curb and smashed into a fire hydrant. The woman cannot remember anything about the incident, but she believes she must have lost consciousness.

When police from Frisco, Texas, responded to the scene, they arrested the woman on the suspicion that she was drunk driving. However, according to the woman's mother, her daughter does not drink and does not take medications, so she knew that her daughter could not have been DUI.

Although the Frisco Police Department has confirmed that the woman did not have any alcohol in her system at the time, they are still waiting for the results of toxicology tests.

Woman Had to Spend the Entire Night in Jail

Police made the woman spend the evening in jail; however, when her brother went to get her the following day, it was clear that something was wrong because her speech was slurred, she could not remember what happened and she could hardly move.

When her family took her to the doctor, they discovered that she had a lemon-sized tumor in her brain. Three days later, Cunningham was in surgery to have the tumor removed. Although the tumor was deemed to be non-cancerous, it did have abnormal cells.

According to the woman's mother, her daughter "doesn't remember the accident; she doesn't remember the police being involved; she doesn't remember being in jail ... which is OK ... It's one piece of trauma she doesn't need to be thinking about."

No DUI Charges Filed

According to her family, the mother of four should be able to go home from the hospital before the end of the week. The local District Attorney's office has not pressed charges for DUI yet. They are still waiting until toxicology tests come in; the department implied that this is merely procedural.

While it is fortunate that this incident resulted in the discovery of the woman's brain tumor and possibly a life-saving surgery, it is disturbing that authorities would detain this sick and law-abiding woman in jail overnight, when she required immediate medical attention for her brain tumor. In this respect, the woman may have valid claims for personal injury damages relating to her unfair detainment and the resulting delay in her receiving medical care.