Weird Laws

The deeper you look into state law books, the more likely you will be to encounter some very unusual laws. In fact, it seems that every state has at least one strange law that its citizenry are supposedly required to adhere to. In this article, we will look at some of the more unique pieces of legislation found in Missouri, Montana, Nebraska and Nevada.

When the Sheriff Goes Renegade the County Coroner Runs the Jailhouse

In Missouri, a Sheriff can be sent to county jail if he or she goes "rogue." Basically, if a renegade sheriff goes against the authority of one's state of residence, he or she could be incarcerated in one's own jail facilities. When this happens, you might wonder who will be in charge of managing the jail: the county coroner of course! According to state law, the coroner will supervise the jail in such circumstances. It might sound strange but someone has to do it -- why not the coroner?

Roadkill for Breakfast? Sure, Why Not? It's Perfectly Legal

In Montana, a recently passed piece of state legislation sounds anything but normal. The law gives Montana residents permission to salvage roadkill for food. So if you're passing through this fine state on a road trip, and you happen to see a dead chicken that didn't make it to the other side of the road, feel free to pull over, pop it in the back of your truck and fry it up for dinner. Not only will you be helping to keep the streets clean, but you will be a law-abiding citizen.

Got Herpes? Sorry, but We Need to Get Married in Another State

In Nebraska, people who suffer from venereal diseases are not allowed to get married. Considering that sexually transmitted diseases are actually quite common throughout the nation -- and assuming that this is the case in Nebraska, too -- this means that a lot of people are not allowed to get married under the technicality of the law.

No Ski Lift Shenanigans Allowed!

This next law would only exist in a state that has snow skiing. In Nevada, you better keep your things to yourself while riding a chairlift at a ski resort. As much fun as it would be to dump the contents of your extra-jumbo orange soda on your snarky 15-year-old brother while passing over head, these kinds of shenanigans could get you in serious trouble with the law. Actually, this law probably makes a lot of sense depending on whose perspective you are viewing it from.