A Minneapolis construction worker is dead after being injured in a fall last Wednesday. Another worker was also involved in the fall and suffered non-fatal, but serious injuries. The two workers were completing a roofing job at the construction site of the future Minnesota Viking football stadium in downtown Minneapolis.

Both of the workers were administered emergency medical care at the stadium, and were then rushed to a local hospital. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save the life of one of the workers.

Work on Stadium Temporarily Paused After Accident

John Wood, the senior vice president of Mortenson Construction, issued a public statement that all construction activities at the stadium have stopped for the time being. It is unknown if the halt could delay the stadium's currently expected completion date in 2016, prior to the start of the National Football League's season.

In early August, Mortenson Construction claimed that approximately 70 percent of the stadium had been finished, and the construction site had 1,200 workers actively engaged in completing the project.

Workers' Compensation Benefits in Construction Accidents

The deceased worker's immediate family members, and the seriously injured worker, will likely be able to seek workers' compensation benefits in this case. The Minneapolis workers' compensation program helps pay for medical care required by workers who suffer injuries while performing their job duties.

Benefits that can be sought in a workers' compensation claim include money for medical costs, money for time spent unable to work, money for permanent and temporary disabilities and other kinds of benefits. The wage replacement program can be especially beneficial to workers who have lost the ability to perform their job duties while recovering. In addition, families who have lost a primary breadwinner after an on-the-job fatality can try to seek death benefits, which can help them pay for end of life expenses and lost family income.