Drunk Driving

An Ohio man was arrested late last month and charged with -- believe it or not -- his 20th DUI offense. The prosecutor's office in Warren County, where the man was taken into custody, says that the 57-year-old was pulled over with a blood alcohol concentration of double the legal limit. He was still being held in a Warren County Jail cell as of Monday.

After the traffic stop, the driver, George R. Tribune, was hit with an open container citation and two third-degree felony charges of driving under the influence. He was arrested after Ohio state troopers received a civilian report of an individual who was possibly driving under the influence.

Could Be Punished with a Lifetime Driver's License Suspension

If Tribune is convicted of these offenses, he could be subjected to a lifetime suspension of driving privileges. Arguably, he should have received a lifetime suspension after his last DUI conviction, but he was given a 10-year suspension instead. The prosecutor for Warren County, David Fornshell, said that Tribune complied with the suspension for a total of five years, until the driver succeeded in getting his licence reinstated early, after serving half the punishment in November of last year.

The idea that anyone would consider granting this man driving privileges early, let alone at all, is totally absurd to Fornshell. Warren County prosecutors plan to request a lifetime suspension of driving privileges in this case, in addition to a five-year prison sentence; however, Forshnell added, “I think he should do even more time in prison."

This Man May Need Psychological Help and Addiction Therapy

Some might argue that Tribune should spend more time in prison. However, it should be kept in mind that even though he has a marred criminal record that will be used against him in court, he will still have a chance to assert criminal defenses in court. If he is indeed guilty, though, it appears that Tribune has a serious problem with alcoholism, and he may need psychological help. Hopefully, if he is convicted of DUI, he will have the opportunity to participate in a state-funded addiction program, whether it be in prison or somewhere else.