Construction Accident

Three individuals were injured after a gas line exploded in New York. The incident happened last Thursday at a New York City high school in the Bronx. Three construction workers were hurt in the explosion. At least three floors of John F. Kennedy High School sustained extensive damage.

1 Worker Critically Hurt

The blast happened at approximately 8 p.m., while construction workers were completing a job on the sixth floor of the building. The blast emanated from one of the school's laboratories. The three injured construction workers were rushed to the Jacobi Medical Center. One was critically injured and two suffered non-life-threatening wounds.

The mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, held a briefing near the school, saying that the Department of Buildings was going to conduct tests to determine the school's structural integrity after the extensive damage from the blast.

Mayor de Blasio said, "This school obviously has sustained some very, very serious damage."

School Year Could Be Delayed

The explosion took place not three weeks before the 2015-2016 school year is set to begin on Sept. 9. Officials say it is too soon to to determine if the building will be safe enough for use by students on the first day of school. Approximately 1,200 grade 9 through 12 children attend the school.

It is extremely fortunate that the school was not in session when this explosion occurred, or there may have been a lot more injuries -- including student injuries -- as a result. Also fortunate is the fact that the injured workers will be protected by state workers' compensation insurance, and they should be able to receive financial benefits to pay for their medical treatment while recovering from the injuries. If their injuries are severe enough, they may also be able to receive wage replacement compensation while they are recovering and unable to work.