A tragic roller coaster accident happened last Thursday in Sandusky, Ohio. The incident occurred at Cedar Point Amusement Park on the Raptor roller coaster ride, after a 45-year-old man, James Young, lost his cellphone. According to a park spokesman, the man went into a restricted area to search for his cellphone while the coaster was still in operation.

Sandusky police claim that while the man was searching for his phone, the coaster hit him in the head. The accident happened at approximately 5 p.m. Ohio time.

The Cedar Point Amusement Park issued a public statement on Thursday that read, "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this time." As of last reports, authorities were conducting an investigation to reveal more details about what happened in the moments leading up to the incident.

Amusement Park in Operation for 146 Years

The Raptor roller coaster has been in operation since 1994. The coaster does not have a floor and the legs of its riders dangle below as they pass through its loops and the ride turns at speeds as high as 57 miles per hour. Amusement park goers take six loops upside down before the ride is through.

Cedar Point Amusement Park has been in operation for 146 years. It is one of the oldest amusement parks in North America and has 150 rides and 17 roller coasters.

Could This Lead to a Wrongful Death Claim?

Because the man in this case allegedly entered a restricted area before being struck by the roller coaster, the park may not be liable for the incident. However, the nature of the accident definitely warrants a detailed investigation. If, for example, the restricted area was not adequately labeled, and the man has surviving close family members, his family might be able to hold the amusement park accountable for damages related to wrongful death.