A massive manhunt is being conducted by Louisiana authorities after a Shreveport police officer was shot and killed on Wednesday. According to reports, the incident happened in Caddo Parish, which has its seat in Shreveport. At approximately 9:14 p.m., Wednesday night, Shreveport authorities received a call reporting that an armed man was threatening to use his weapon against people inside a Caddo Parish residence.

Not long after the officer arrived on scene, the armed man fatally shot him and fled. Tragically, the policeman did not survive the incident.

Louisiana State Police Have Joined the Manhunt

According to a recent Facebook post, the Louisiana State Police have joined forces with police in Shreveport to try and capture the suspect and bring him to justice. As of last reports, police deployed helicopters and drones in their attempts to locate the assailant.

Caddo Parish boasts a population of approximately 200,000, and is approximately 200 miles away from Dallas. A recent Facebook post from the Constable's Office of Caddo Parish reads that the policeman "lost his life serving our city."

Will We See More Violence Against Police in the Coming Days?

The tragic death of this officer comes just three days before the anniversary of the shooting of an unarmed black man in Ferguson, Missouri, by white police officers. The death of 18-year-old Michael Brown incited riots, protests and intense conflict between police and the public last year. Some analysts are expecting to see more conflict in the days to come.

Although there were no reports that the shooting in Caddo Parish was in any way related to Michael Brown's death, this police officer's death on the eve of the Ferguson shooting anniversary does not bode well for the days ahead. It could serve to put officers on edge, which is never helpful when it comes to reducing the excessive use of police force in our communities.