Yesterday's blog post described the global outrage caused by a dentist who illegally shot and killed a famous and beloved lion in Zimbabwe. The killing of Cecil the Lion, a 13-year-old black-maned lion who tourists and Zimbabwean tour guides have come to know and love, resulted in several American flight carriers banning the transportation of animals killed by big game hunters.

Wednesday morning, it was reported that the Marco Island, Florida, vacation home of the dentist who shot and killed the lion has been vandalized. Vandals spray painted the words "lion killer" on the garage door of the residence.

Residence Was Vacant

According to a security firm that was hired to guard the property, neither Walter Palmer nor anyone from his family were home at the time of the incident. The vacation home remains completely vacant.

Police in southwest Florida do not know who vandalized the property, and they do not know exactly when the incident occurred. In addition to the spray paint, vandals also threw marinated pigs feet on the property.

Authorities are investigating the incident as a case of misdemeanor criminal mischief. If they are able to identify those responsible for the crime, they could face arrest and various criminal and vandalism charges.

Dentist Has Received Numerous Threats

The 55-year-old dentist has received numerous threats and protesters held vigils outside his dental practice in Minneapolis. Palmer has released public statements expressing his deep regrets regarding the death of the lion. He said that he thought his hunting activities were perfectly legal. Palmer has not offered any response to his vacation home being vandalized and he has refused interviews with media regarding the matter.

As of last reports, the Palmer's Florida home was being equipped with security cameras to record the activities of people and vehicles outside the residence. The home is situated on a relatively tranquil cul-de-sac in Marco Island, Florida. The dentist has owned the residence since 2013, when he purchased it for $1.1 million.

Dentist May Also Face Criminal Charges

Currently, the government of Zimbabwe is vying to have Palmer extradited back to Zimbabwe to face trial for his alleged poaching activities. It will be interesting to follow this matter to see what other blowback consequences the dentist could face as the story continues to develop.