Recall Alert

Kraft Heinz, the famous maker of Kraft Singles American pasteurized cheese slices, has announced the recall of 36,000 cases of its processed cheese products. The recall affects individually wrapped slices of Kraft Singles American and White American processed cheese, and it was initiated due to a choking hazard.

According to the company there is the danger that a piece of plastic on the cheese wrappers could remain adhered to the cheese and cause consumers to choke on the food product.

Check "Best When Used By" Dates to See if Your Cheese Is Affected

Affected cheese packages can be identified by their "best when used by" dates. Affected packages will be dated between Dec. 29, 2015 and Jan. 4, 2016. They will also have the manufacturing code of S54 or S55. If the Kraft cheese in your possession does not have those manufacturing codes and/or if it does not have those "best when used by" dates, then your cheese is not affected by the recall and it is safe to eat.

Kraft said that it has already received three chocking reports and 10 consumer complaints relating to the plastic sticking onto its cheese products.

Kraft issued a public apology regarding the dangerous product, saying that they deeply regret the situation. They also apologized to consumers who were disappointed by the issue.

Recalled Cheese Was Distributed Nationwide

The 36,000 cases of affected Kraft cheese were sent out to retailers throughout the United States, Grand Cayman and Puerto Rico. Consumers who believe they are in possession of recalled Kraft cheese are being advised to return the cheese to where they purchased it for a full refund or exchange. Customers can also call Kraft Heinz Consumer Relations directly for a refund.

Consumers who suspect that they or their loved ones have been seriously injured by this dangerous product may wish to contact a personal injury attorney to discuss the possibility of seeking financial restitution for their injuries.