Police Officer

A Connecticut man -- who was either fed up with Interstate 95 traffic delays in West Haven or simply celebrating National Nude Day -- climbed onto the roof of his automobile to peacefully sit naked in the sun on Tuesday morning. Connecticut state troopers were immediately called on scene to investigate the incident, which only served to worsen the already bumper-to-bumper rush-hour traffic.

The naked man was not physically blocking the roadway. Before climbing onto the roof of his car in his birthday suit, he pulled over to the shoulder of the road. However, his nakedness caused a serious disturbance in traffic flow due to other curious drivers slowing down to take pictures and video as they drove past.

Connecticut State Troopers Shut Down Traffic to Investigate

Troopers decided to shut down the stretch of Interstate 95 where the man had parked his car, resulting an an absolute halt of traffic altogether. According to video footage captured by one passing driver, the man appears very calm and serene on the roof of his automobile, even though he is drawing a great deal of attention and police officers are on scene. The officer in the video can be seen talking on his radio, while keeping his distance, on the other side of a cement traffic barrier from the man.

A representative of the Connecticut State Police stated that the man was eventually taken into custody to receive a complete medical evaluation.

Was He Celebrating National Nude Day?

July 14, is National Nude Day. Nudists throughout the world, who ascribe to the belief that life is better without clothing, are known to celebrate National Nude Day in different ways, and its rumored that they take the date rather seriously. The holiday originates in New Zealand, but its founder remains unknown.

Although National Nude Day is not an officially-recognized holiday, this man might have been celebrating the day. Perhaps his stunt was an effort to bring more awareness to the event. If that's the case, he certainly appears to have succeeded. Nevertheless, he could face criminal charges relating to the stunt -- especially if medical evaluations deem him to be of sound mental and physical health.