Recall Alert

Two batches of Vital Essentials brand pet food -- a brand that offers frozen raw dog food -- have been recalled due to a pet food-related listeria contamination scare. Listeria is a potentially deadly bacteria, which is not only dangerous for dogs, but also for the elderly and small children who might inadvertently come in contact with it.

The recall announcement follows another recent recall of raw pet food by a different pet food manufacturer, Stella & Chewy's.

The Tainted Dog Food Was Distributed Throughout the Country

The recall relates to batches of potentially tainted beef tripe, which were sent out to retailers in the following states: Washington, Illinois, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Vermont, Texas and Rhode Island. The affected dog food was labeled under the following names: Vital Essentials Frozen Beef Tripe Patties (UPC 33211 00809, Lot # 10930, Best by date 20160210) and Vital Essentials Frozen Beef Tripe Nibblets (UPC 33211 00904, Lot # 10719, Best by date 12022015).

Dangers of Listeria Infection

The recall was triggered after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) detected listeria contamination in two of the company's dog food batches. Listeria is usually found in water, soil and some kinds of animals; it can also contaminate food. Healthy individuals suffering from listeria infection usually show symptoms like high fever, joint stiffness, severe headache, abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea. However, with pregnant women, a listeria infection can result in stillbirths and miscarriages. Also, with young children and the infirm, it can be deadly.

Injured Parties Might Be Able to Pursue Civil Lawsuits

If you are in possession of potentially contaminated dog food, you are advised to dispose of it immediately and contact the dog food manufacturer for a complete refund. If you suspect that you, your pet, or your loved one have suffered injury or death from contaminated pet food products, you may have the ability to pursue a civil claim for damages relating to defective dog food in court.