Police Shooting

Officials claim that rusty nails were the cause of a balcony collapse that injured party goers Saturday evening in coastal North Carolina. The family members had convened on the balcony to take a picture of the family, but the structure soon collapsed underneath them.

The wooden deck boasted a gorgeous view of the beach and sea in Emerald Island, which is approximately 60 miles away from Wilmington. The support structure beneath the deck stayed intact.

A building inspector performed a review of the ruined deck on Sunday to find that the nails had failed. He said that a final report on his investigation would be ready for review over the next several days.

24 Family Members Hurt

No reports about issues with the deck were previously made in the history of the North Carolina property, which is owned by the family that had gathered there and was constructed in 1986. Among the 24 injured individuals, five required hospital care and two were reported to be in critical condition as of Sunday.

Emerald Isle boasts a population of 3,700 residents and it is located on the central coast of North Carolina, not far from Croatan National Forest. It is a popular place for vacationers.

Not the Only Balcony Collapse in Recent Weeks

As readers of this blog may be aware, this is not the only catastrophic balcony collapse to happen in recent weeks. In mid-June, a fourth-floor balcony in Berkeley, California, gave way and resulted in the death of five university students from Ireland and one American. In that case, the collapse was blamed on decayed wooden beams that had degraded as a result of moisture damage.

As for who is liable for the personal injuries that happened in the North Carolina collapse, it could be that homeowners insurance will cover the medical costs related to the people who were injured. However, a detailed review of the homeowners' insurance policy will be necessary before making such a determination.