Recall Alert

The Otteroo Inflatable Baby Float looks like an accident waiting to happen. It's an inflatable plastic ring that fits over a baby's head at the neck, which allows the baby's head to stay afloat above water. The device looks exceedingly dangerous, but it has become a popular consumer item in recent years, and more and more manufacturers are making them.

One San Francisco-based manufacturer that makes these baby floats, Otteroo Corporation, has recalled a number of these baby floater products due to the risk of air leakage and deflation. Because the majority of babies on which parents use the floating devices are incapable of swimming, the risk of deflation translates into a serious risk of drowning.

The Otteroo Baby Float has two inflatable air chambers, which are secured around the neck of a baby and fastened with a buckle. The floats are also equipped with two handles, a chin rest, and an expandable part that can accommodate the baby as he or she grows bigger with age. The device has the orange-lettered logo, "Otteroo," featured on the top of it. Additionally, three balls move about on the inside of the float, which can be seen through its inflatable clear plastic construction.

54 Reported Instances of Otteroo Baby Floats Having Deflation Problems

At this time, the company has been notified of 54 instances of broken seams around the product, resulting in air leakage. If 54 instances have been reported, who knows how many instances have actually occurred but gone unreported. Thankfully, no drownings or injuries have been reported thus far.

Consumers are asked to immediately refrain from using the baby floats and to get in touch with Otteroo for a free replacement device right away. The devices affected by the recall were sold via, and from January 2014 to July 2014 for approximately $35.

Are These Products Worth the Risk to Your Baby?

Although Otteroo is offering free replacements of this extremely dangerous product, parents may want to consider whether the use of this item is worth risking your baby's life. Indeed, just looking at it makes one question the safety of the device. In the event that a baby is seriously harmed by the Otteroo Baby Float or similarly designed products, parents may want to consider whether they have cause to pursue a personal injury product liability claim for damages.