Police Lights

Officers were pursuing a fleeing Camaro driver in a Detroit neighborhood on Wednesday, when two child pedestrians were tragically struck and killed by the escaping driver. An adult and three more children were injured in the incident.

Chase Only Lasted 75 Seconds

The driver accelerated his vehicle to speeds of over 70 mph before he hit the two young children. Police say their pursuit of the man -- who was wanted on suspicion of firearms violations -- lasted for only 75 seconds.

Local police Chief James Craig said, "It's tragic. It's a very difficult day."

Children Pronounced Dead at the Hospital

A total of six victims were rushed to the hospital following the accident. The two children were pronounced dead at the medical facility.

Police arrested both the driver of the fleeing car and his passenger in the car. One of the men suffered non-life-threatening injuries and one of them was in possession of a handgun.

The car chase started at approximately 7:30 p.m., right after police turned on their patrol lights in an attempt to pull the driver over. However, instead of stopping, the Camaro driver sped away at a very high speed. Police lost sight of the sports car, but soon saw smoke rising up from the crash site.

Investigators and police officers remained at the crash scene looking for evidence with their flashlights and discussing the tragic accident with local residents. Police Chief James Craig said that the precinct's prayers go out to officers who tended to the crash, and especially to the neighborhood families and friends who were mortally harmed by it.

Who Is Liable for This Crash?

Family members who lost their children in this accident may have strong civil claims for restitution against the driver who caused this tragic accident, and so will the children and adult who suffered non-fatal injuries.

Sometimes, when an accident happens during a high speed chase, police may also be liable for the crash -- particularly if they engaged in risky behavior in a residential district. However, based on the facts released by news media sources, it does not appear that police officers engaged themselves in a dangerous or risky high speed pursuit in this neighborhood. Rather, it appears that the Camaro driver sped away and officers soon lost sight of him. Therefore, it is likely that only the Camaro driver will be liable in this case.