Recall Alert

A California bottled water plant has issued a massive recall due to worries about E. coli bacteria contamination. Fourteen brands of bottled water have been affected by the recall after one of the spring water suppliers for the bottling company, Far Away Springs, found signs of contamination at its water source.

No Sickness or Injuries Reported Yet

Niagara Bottling LLC claims that the recall was issued for safety purposes, but at this time they have not detected definitive proof that any of its bottled water products have actually been contaminated. Furthermore, it has not received any reports of customers becoming ill.

The family-owned bottled water company said that the E. coli scare stems from one of its spring water suppliers failing to inform them of E. coli evidence at its spring source. After discovering the possibility of E. coli contamination, all production was stopped and the entire facility was disinfected. Niagara Bottling issued the recall and ended its business relationship with the spring water supplier, Far Away Springs.

Far Away Springs Says Its Water Is Safe

Far Away Springs has issued a statement regarding the contamination scare in an attempt to ensure customers of the safety of its water. The company said that even though bacteria was found at its spring source, all water at its receiving plant tested free of contamination. The owner of Far Away Springs further claimed that all of his water is strenuously disinfected through a process that kills any and all bacteria that might be in the water. He said that his water is not just safe to drink -- his water is sterile.

Recalled bottled water from Niagara Bottling includes generic brands like 7-Eleven, Niagara, Pricerite, Nature's Place, Shaws, Morning Fresh and more. A full list of recalled water along with how to identify if your particular bottles of water are included in the recall can be found on the company's website. The Center for Disease Control has asked consumers not to drink affected bottles of water.

Consumers who suspect they have suffered injury or contracted E. coli poisoning after consuming a bottle of water affected by this recall should seek medical assistance immediately. They may also have a viable personal injury claim for damages relating to the cost of their medical care.