Over 4,000 people went without power last Friday in a Seattle suburb when a nude driver collided with a utility pole. The collision broke the utility pole causing live electrical wires to come crashing down on top of the woman's car. The incident happened at approximately 1:30 a.m. in Shoreline, just outside of Seattle.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and utility crews successfully disabled the automobile's wires. Inside the vehicle was a nude 24-year-old woman who was falling in and out of consciousness. Fortunately, she was not badly injured.

DUI Blood Tests Still Pending

Authorities transferred her to a nearby hospital where blood tests were performed to see if she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If the tests prove that she was driving while intoxicated, authorities may charge her with DUI relating to the accident.

As a result of the downed powerline, approximately 4,400 people had no power for about four hours during the early morning hours. The incident caused numerous people to wake up late for work due to their alarms not going off. It is certainly humorous to imagine these workers telling their bosses that their tardiness was due to a naked woman who crashed into a neighborhood electric pole.

Perhaps There Is a Perfectly Reasonable Explanation

Drivers can get arrested and accused of the most bizarre crimes under outlandish circumstances, but because the situation sounds odd does not mean that a perfectly reasonable explanation does not exist. In some cases, it is the responsibility of a qualified criminal defense attorney to set the proper context of an apparently odd series of events, so that jurors and courts can understand why a particular incident took place. This can sometimes play a very important role in the defense of an individual -- such as this woman if she is ultimately charged with a crime relating to her nude driving car accident.