A Kentucky man with a guilty conscience appears to have decided that enough was enough when it came to his drunken antics. Police in Hopkinsville say that a 26-year-old man, Christopher L. Stewart, appeared at their police station Tuesday evening and confessed to the following: 1) he was drunk, 2) he had been driving, and 3) he was ready to be arrested.

Officers say that as the man drove into the station, he came to an abrupt stop, and almost struck a police car. As officers approached him, the man told them that he was ready for jail and he was driving under the influence.

Drank 1 Pint Before Heading to the Police

According to local media, the man confessed to drinking a pint of beer just before he made his way to the police station. While he was at the station, police say that the man also tried to drink a bottle containing fuel injector cleaning chemicals, but they prevented him from doing so.

Police did as the man requested: They arrested him and charged him with DUI. At this time, it is unknown whether the man had retained a criminal defense attorney and/or whether he planned to defend himself against the charges.

Was He Suicidal and Looking for Help?

While it is certainly laudable for this man to remove himself from the roadway and confess to his alleged crimes, the added fact that he tried to drink fuel injector cleaning product begs the question: Was he suicidal? Was he mentally sound when this incident occurred? Perhaps the man was not as unintelligent as he appeared to officers at the time, and he was actually trying to protect himself ... from himself. Going to the police in this fashion may have been the only thing he could think of doing at the time.

Furthermore, if it is true that he only drank one pint of beer, it is possible -- depending on his weight and the timing of his ingestion of the alcohol -- that the man did not have a blood alcohol level in excess of the 0.08 percent limit in Kentucky. At any rate, considering that this man voluntarily turned himself in to authorities, the Kentucky court system may choose to be lenient regarding any punishments for the DUI allegations, even if he is convicted.