Same Sex Adoptions

A 92-year-old Dallas, Texas, woman has adopted her 76-year-old cousin. The adoption officializes the mother-daughter relationship that has endured between the two women for the last six decades.

Mary Smith always knew Murial Clayton as the kindhearted cousin who raised her like her own. Following the death of Smith's father and after her mother became ill, Clayton took her younger cousin in, and they have been linked as mother and daughter ever since.

Introduced the Idea Just Before Mother's Day

However, it wasn't until the day before Mother's Day this year, about 60 years later, that Clayton and Smith decided to officialize the relationship. In a recent interview, Clayton told reporters that she wanted Smith to be hers, and now she is.

Just before Mother's day, Clayton asked Smith to come over for a visit, and gave her the news: that she wanted her to adopt her. Smith was exuberant and told her mother-to-be that she loved the idea.

Several days ago, on June 9, the relationship was finalized in Dallas County Court.

In a heartfelt statement, Clayton said, “I have worked jigsaw puzzles, and my life had been a beautiful picture. But one piece was missing, and that was Mary ... And now I’ve got that piece in place. Officially!”

Yes, Adult Adoption Is Legal

This beautiful family law story is not as uncommon as you might think. There are a lot of reasons why an individual may wish to adopt an adult and there are a lot of situations where it is perfectly legal to do so. Sometimes an adult adoption is carried out for inheritance purposes. For example, there might be someone very close to you in your life whom you see as a son or daughter and you want this individual to be treated equally as your other sons or daughters in your estate after you pass. Alternatively, the reasons might simply be sentimental, as appears to be the case in Clayton's adoption of Smith.