Recall Alert

Apple has voluntarily recalled a Bluetooth speaker system that it sells in its stores. The recall was implemented due to fears that the speakers could catch fire after overheating. Affected speakers were sold under the name "Beats Pill XL Bluetooth."

Apple purchased the Beats company in 2014 for $3 billion. The purchase included Beats' music streaming service and its electronics division. Apple plans to use the streaming service as a way to compete with companies like Tidal and Spotify, which also offer music streaming. In its recall notification announcement, Apple stressed that no other Beats or Apple speakers are included in the recall.

Speakers Could Cause a Home Fire

Apple is asking consumers to stop using the product immediately to prevent the risk of fires. The battery in these devices is in danger of overheating and could result in a home fire. As a part of the Beats Pill XL Bluetooth speaker recall, Apple has offered to provide customers with a complete refund of $325, or an equivalent of in-store credit.

Consumers who are not sure if they are in possession of the device can identify the Beats brand by the "b" symbol on the grille of the speaker. Also, on the handle, the speakers will be labeled "beats pill XL." The speaker product might be metallic sky, black, pink, white or titanium in color.

Recall Was Important to Limit Apple's Liability

It is both important and probably necessary for Apple to issue this massive recall of Beats speakers because of the fire risks they pose. A home fire caused by one of these defective speakers could result in massive property damages, severe and debilitating personal injuries and even death. If such an incident or incidents were to occur as a result of the speakers, Apple could be held liable for damages, medical expenses and pain and suffering stemming from the incident.