Recall Alert

A well-known toy company that manufactures rubber duckies, Schylling, has announced the recall of one of its popular toys. The Rowley, Massachusetts, toymaker recalled thousands of its toy police cars due to the potential that the toy policeman's cap could detach and create a chocking hazard for young children.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has confirmed that the recall was instituted as a result of the toy being a potential choking hazard.

Recall Affects 13,200 Toys

The recall includes approximately 13,200 toys in the United States and approximately 2,100 toys in Canada. The toy is called the "Police Press and Go Toy Vehicle." The Schylling manufactured toy was distributed to gift stores and specialty toy stores throughout the nation between April 2010 and April 2015. The toys look like a white plastic police cruiser with a policeman's head emerging from the rooftop. They are labeled with "Schylling Rowley, MA" and have the following UPC number: 01964922782. The cost of the toy is approximately $5.

Although Schylling has been notified of one instance where the hat detached from the toy police car, fortunately, no choking incidents or injuries have thus far been reported.

Advice for Parents with Small Children

Parents whose children are in possession of the Schylling "Police Press and Go Toy Vehicle" are asked to remove the toy from their child's reach immediately. This toy is potentially dangerous and could result in death if your child inadvertently chokes on one of its parts.

Dangerous and defective toys are a real danger for children and parents must be careful that anything they provide their children to play with is safe and free of defects. It is also advisable for parents to check toys for loose parts that could fall off during playtime. Parents whose children suffer injury as a result of a defective toy may have the ability to seek financial restitution in court.