Hooters accused of racial discrimination

The northern Colorado eatery Rubbin' Buttz BBQ and Country Cafe decided to put a nix on its plans to celebrate "White Appreciation Day" after widespread criticism that the event was racist. The restaurant planned to give a 10 percent discount to all white patrons, while giving no discount to diners of other racial backgrounds.

Restaurant Received a Bomb Threat

The owner of the Milliken, Colorado, barbecue restaurant, Edgar Antillon, proudly hung a sign up outside his restaurant which read, "White Appreciation Day! June 11th. Because all American should be celebrated!!" News of the racially-themed discount event spread like wildfire across social media and the Internet last week. Many called the event racially motivated. Last Friday, Antillon stated that the restaurant received a bomb threat.

In response to criticism, the Rubbin' Buttz BBQ owner has decided to provide the 10 percent discount to everyone, regardless of racial origin. As of Sunday, the sign was changed to reflect the adjustment. Antillon, who is a minority himself, was born to Mexican immigrants. In his own defense, he said that Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month were the inspiration for his event. He said, "the least we could do is offer one day to appreciate white Americans."

Given our nation's history, issues relating to race can be particularly sensitive and they are the frequent source of social outcry, especially when a restaurant decides to promote a day to provide a 10 percent discount to diners of one ethnic origin. Indeed, the Rubbin' Buttz discount policy could be interpreted as discriminatory, and in violation of civil rights laws. Fortunately, the restaurant owner corrected his politically incorrect misstep before any civil rights violations were actually made.

Will the Publicity Hurt Rubbin' Buttz?

Rubbin' Buttz BBQ might benefit from the widespread media attention the proposed "White Appreciation Day" has brought the restaurant, or its reputation could be tarnished as a result and diners might start going to other restaurants. How do you think Rubbin' Buttz will be affected by all of this?