Prison Cell

Two police officers have been accused of savagely beating a man held in a New Mexico jail cell. The 47-year-old victim was taken into custody on several counts of suspicion of aggravated assault on Dec. 24, 2014. However, while he was in custody at the Las Cruces Police Department, two officers allegedly attacked him, which resulted in severe injuries.

Surveillance video from the jail cell shows what happened in the incident. First, the man is seen kicking the jail cell door. Next, the officers enter the jail cell and attack the man. Then, the officers can be seen throwing him at the wall and tackling him to the ground.

Suffered Fractured Scull and Brain Hemorrhage

The victim suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of the attack. His scull was fractured, he suffered a brain hemorrhage, and additional injuries.

Authorities performed an internal investigation into the event and the police department decided to terminate the two officers. Now, the District Attorney for Dona Ana County and the New Mexico Attorney General have joined forces to prosecute the officers regarding their excessive force used in the attack.

In addition to the criminal charges against the officers, the injured detainee has filed personal injury claims against the city of Las Cruces. He is demanding $12.5 million in compensatory damages in the civil suit.

Always Take Care Around Police Officers

Although police are not allowed to use excessive force, the threat of becoming a victim of police violence is always there, so it is best to comport oneself as peacefully as possible to avoid the risk of becoming a victim after being arrested. In the event that an incident of excessive police violence does occur, victims may be able to seek financial restitution for injuries they have suffered as a result of the abuse.