A 33-year-old defense attorney from Boston found himself in trouble with the law on Saturday night. The man was at the helm of his 29-foot boat in Boston Harbor when a 19-year-old passenger jumped overboard to get a cushion that had fallen into the water. As the teenager attempted to get back into the boat, her body was caught up in the propeller.

Firefighters Could Not Find the Young Woman's Arm

The propeller blade severed the young woman's arm from her body. Her abdomen and face were also injured. Fortunately, her injuries were not fatal. She was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital where she is alive and recovering. According to authorities, firefighters tried to find the young woman's severed arm in the lake but they were not able to locate it.

Approximately four hours after receiving the 911 call, the driver of the boat submitted to a breathalyzer test, which revealed a BAC of 0.09 percent. The man was subsequently arrested and charged with causing serious bodily harm and driving a boat while intoxicated by alcohol, in addition to negligent operation and operating a boat without an identification number. His bail was set at $75,000 and he was forced to give up his passport.

During his court appearance, the man was still wearing his bathing suit and a Boston Celtics T-shirt. His attorney described him as an accomplished professional who did not pose a flight risk. According to his law office website, the accused boater is a bar owner and also founded a nightlife consulting firm. His law firm website says that his firm has obtained a not guilty verdict for 80 percent of the cases it has brought to trial.

Prosecutors claim that the man's boat, which is named Naut Guilty, had 12 passengers on board ranging in ages from 15 to 33 at the time of the incident.

Could He Achieve a Verdict of Not Guilty?

Although this man's breathalyzer test showed a blood alcohol percentage of 0.09 percent, it does not necessarily mean that he will be convicted of drunk boating. Indeed, he will have the opportunity to assert criminal defenses in his case. If he is successful, he might achieve a verdict of not guilty and/or get a reduction in punishments if he is convicted.

The next court date for this case is scheduled for June 26.