International law

If you're planning a trip to Europe soon, you might want to read this article so you don't get arrested. While most people will not have trouble complying with the following weird European laws, you never know who or what kinds of situations you will run into. Check out these weird European laws.

Keep your gas tanks full on the autobahn in Germany. It is a crime to have an empty gas tank. Not only will your passengers be angry, but the police will be, too, and you could find yourself with a hefty traffic citation as a result.

Careful with That Laundry in Switzerland

Do not hang your clothes to dry in Switzerland on Sunday. Switzerland is a very strict country when it comes to rules and regulations. They want to keep their towns and neighborhoods just as quaint and beautiful as they have always been, and they want them extra beautiful when you are out on a Sunday stroll through the neighborhood. You cannot hang your laundry out on Sundays. No matter how stinky and dirty your laundry is, you'll just have to wait 'til Monday.

No French kissing on French train platforms. For that matter, no kiss is allowed at all on train platforms in France. The ban on train platform kissing dates back to 1910. It was intended to lessen the chance of railway delays and it still exists as a law, but it is not typically enforced.

No Man Skirts Allowed

If you're visiting Italy and you're a man, you'd better leave your man skirt at home. Even if your skirt is the manliest piece of Scottish pride the world has ever seen, the Italians do not want to see it. In fact, they would rather see you don a tiny Speedo than a man skirt. They have even created a law that makes skirt-wearing illegal for men throughout the entire nation of Italy. It is not clear how many men are arrested for this violation every year, or if Italy's prisons are packed with cross dressers. It is probably safe to say that this law is not enforced. Any of you guys care to test it out?