Florida officials have
arrested a man who has been running from the law for the last 60 years
. Allegedly, the man escaped an Ohio prison farm in 1959 after being convicted of murder. Until his arrest last Monday, he had been in hiding for almost 60 years.

U.S. Marshals from Ohio teamed up with deputies from Brevard County, Florida, to locate and arrest the man. They found him outside of Melbourne, Florida, in his trailer home.

Authorities Caught the Man with a Clever Ruse

The U.S. Marshals Service investigators told the deputies that they needed to follow up on some leads about a man named Frank Freshwaters. Next, officers created a false story so the man would have to sign some papers. That allowed authorities to get the man's fingerprints and identify him.

The U.S. Marshals and deputies were able to make a positive match between the man's fingerprints and those of the escaped convict from Ohio.

Following the Man for About 1 Week

Authorities say that they were watching the man for approximately a week before they confronted him at his trailer home on Monday. During the meeting police showed the man a 50-year-old photo and asked him if he had seen the person in the picture. Allegedly, the man admitted that the authorities had finally tracked him down.

Although this man has been arrested, and allegedly confessed to his identity, he will still be entitled to his day in court. During those court proceedings he will be given the right to a public criminal defense lawyer free of charge, or a private one. Deciding on whether to go with a public defender or a private criminal defense lawyer may be a matter of taste, budgetary concerns and the nature of the charges in the case. Depending on the facts of the case, the man may want to look into several possible defenses relating to his alleged confession and the manner in which police enticed him to expose his fingerprints.