How much is my car accident lawsuit worth?

Olympian Bruce Jenner has been accused of wrongful death and negligence relating to a fatal multi-car accident that happened last February in Malibu, California. The accident resulted in one death and seven injuries. The Olympian and reality television star and his representatives have declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The attorney representing the deceased woman's stepchildren, who are the plaintiffs in the suit, said that no one has volunteered to take responsibility for the accident and the woman's children feel that a lawsuit is the only avenue available for seeking justice. The attorney further said that the children want to reveal the truth of the events that transpired.

A Chain Reaction Collision

The fatal car crash happened on February 7 in Malibu on the Pacific Coast Highway. The four-car crash transpired as a chain-reaction event, which Bruce Jenner's automobile was caught up in. For unknown reasons, a Toyota Prius had come to a full stop in the middle of the highway, when the deceased woman's Lexus crashed into the back of it. Next, Bruce Jenner's Cadillac crashed into the back of the Lexus, which sent the Lexus flying into oncoming lanes of traffic. An oncoming Hummer then struck the Lexus head on. Unfortunately, the elderly woman driving the Lexus did not survive the incident.

The elderly woman's stepchildren are seeking damages, claiming that Bruce Jenner was speeding at the time of the collision. They allege that Jenner's recklessness, carelessness and negligence in this regard are to blame for their stepmother's death. In the lawsuit, they have asked for monetary compensation relating to emotional and financial losses stemming from the death of their stepmother.

Suit May Eventually Result in Settlement

It is impossible to predict the end result of this wrongful death lawsuit, especially since all of the facts have yet to be revealed. However, considering what we know, the case could result in a settlement that recognizes the culpability of the Prius driver, the deceased woman's failure to stop before crashing into it from behind and, in turn, Jenner's speeding and failure to stop. In this sense, Jenner's camp may decide to settle for a percentage of his or her conceivable liability in the matter.